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WEEKLY PROMOTION – SPRING SIZZLERS – from: 26/09/2015 – 3/10/2015

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WEEKLY PROMOTION – SPRING SIZZLERS – from: 26/09/2015 – 3/10/2015




Benefits of DR. BAUMANN ALOE VERA AMPOULE: The calming and soothing effect of Aloe Vera gel, together with Hyaluronic Acids and Urea, is superb for stressed and irritated skin.

Benefits of DR. BAUMANN JOJOBA AMPOULEThis ampoule contain 100% pure cold-pressed Jojoba Oil. Because Jojoba Oil is so similar to the sebum produced by the skin, these ampoules should be applied to dry skin. Because Jojoba Oil remains on the skin’s surface it makes sense to use these ampoules overnight.

Benefits of DR. BAUMANN VITAMIN A AMPOULEScientific studies indicate that the regular and consistent application of Vitamin A can regenerate damaged skin cells and boost the skin’s collagen concentration. UV-rays really dry out the skin this can be counterbalanced by the Vitamin A and Hyaluronic Acid contained in these ampoules. This can work against the premature development of wrinkles. Ideal for use after being in the sun or sun bed or for prematurely aged, sun-damaged skin.

Benefits of DR. BAUMANN HYALURONIC ACID AMPOULEThis ampoule contain the same active substances as the moisture ampoules, but in different concentrations. The high percentage of Hyaluronic Acid has an intense moisture-dispensing and tightening effect which makes these ampoules ideal for loss of elasticity and dry skin.



Benefits of DR. BAUMANN AFTER SUN LOTION: Calms and refreshes the skin after being in the sun or sun bed through a special combination of active substances. Sunburn fades more quickly and the intensity of the tan is enhanced. Ideal for use in combination with the regenerative Vitamin A ampoules.