Where to buy

Where to buy

This decision is more complicated than you may imagine. Let’s take shopping at a departmental store or a perfumery. The Beauty advisor behind the counter in a departmental store or at a perfumery has generally undergone a training of 3-5 days and is then presented as an expert on the skin and skincare. One can imagine that the skin analysing abilities of someone who has undergone such a brief training cannot be remotely adequate to ensure that you are given the perfect products to suit your skin type and condition. Moreover an analysis that has been made over a counter, without filling out any information or very little plus the fact that no skin analysis should be done when the customer is wearing make-up or has been out in the city for a couple of hours should be obvious.
One can only make a professional analysis when observing a clean skin and having the necessary professional training to make a correct analysis. Perfumeries create the same problems as departmental stores when it comes to professional advice namely that the Beauty Advisors and general staff just don’t have the professional training required for dealing with such a serious issue namely your skin.
Making choices as a result of fashion magazines advertising or beauty editors’ recommendations is not the most recommendable way to go as these choices are mostly influenced by the amount of money a particular cosmetic company spends in advertising with the magazine and not necessarily what the magazine staff or beauty editors really think or feel. Representation of skincare products and make-up by glamorous models does not mean that they love or even use any of the products they represent. It is all a matter of money.

So where should one go and how should one make those choices? Obviously a consultation with a beauty therapist at a SPA/beauty salon is the right decision. They have studied about the structure of and behaviour of the skin, how to analyse the skin, what to look for when treating the skin, products and ingredients and many other aspects of healthy skincare. It must therefore be clear to you that you should only get advice on skincare from a professional or you may well risk using the incorrect products for your skin. Makes sense doesn’t it?

The Point of skin beauty salons/SPAS have additional points of value that set them apart from other beauty salons/SPAS:

All the beauty therapists are qualified skinologists.They are ingredient experts and as a result can analyse your existing products and advise you if they are indeed healthy and safe for your skin.
They can offer you healthy safe alternatives and recommend the perfect homecare regimen for you to achieve a beautiful youthful skin.
Regularly attend courses to improve their Knowledge and professionalism in this field

Only represent skincare and Makeup products that are:

Free of chemical preservatives
Free of colorants
Free of fragrance
Free of animal ingredients
Free of Mineral Oils
Free of chemical sunscreens

Thus they are able to provide you with completely skin compatible or skin Identical ingredients. What more could you want?

Online Shopping

Shopping for products online is extremely convenient especially in those busy, days. However it should only be done –

Once you have had a skin analysis from a Beauty therapist preferably an Authorised Dr BaumannSkinologist and been given advice on what homecare is best for you. Meaning that subsequent skincare shopping can be done online from your authorised Dr Baumann beauty salon/SPA.

This does not mean that you should never return to the beauty therapist/Skinologist. A regular visit is advisable as your skin condition is ever changing and you may need additional products or to make the appropriate changes to your existing regimen.
Happy Shopping!!