Sun Products

Sun Products

Sunshine is an essential part of ones health and wellbeing, UV rays are responsible for the synthesis of Vitamin D in the body which is important for the strength and development of ones bones. Sunshine also positively influences our mood and good feelings and our Hormonal balance.
However by excessive exposure to sunlight and sun beds the sun has a negative effect on our skin. When our immune system is challenged by strong UV damage and the skins natural repair mechanisms are challenged then its ability to protect the skin is impaired resulting in an aging, lined, and severely dehydrated skin.
What is even more disturbing is that excessive exposure to sunrays damages the DNA structure, altering the genetic codes and allowing for unstructured cell growth that can result in the development of tumours. It is therefore essential to expose yourself to sun tanning within limits, to always apply sun protection when out in the sun.
An essential vitamin for sun protection is anti free radical Vitamin E, a “must ingredient in your sun creams/lotions and essential as a nutrition supplement for total protection.
Inorganic pigments like e.g. the natural minerals zinc oxide and titanium dioxide have the advantage that they offer an effective UV protection and possess an excellent compatibility with the skin. From these realizations a new improved generation of sun protection products with improved compatibility and improved protective effect without chemical light protection filters were developed 
Researchers stress that they do not consider virgin olive oil a sunscreen but that its use after exposure to the sun could help protect the skin from harmful UV damage. Further trials are required to confirm this affect.

The improved compatibility of sun products is based on the rejection of the substances, which cause an increased rate of irritations and allergies like fragrance and chemical preservatives and the most dangerous chemical sun filters.
Only by using chemical free sun protection can one really enjoy safe, carefree times in the sun. 
Naturally the safest way of all is to use an “Instant tan” to get that all over tan that everyone loves. In this case too be sure that the ingredients used in your instant tan are absolutely compatible or skin Identical with your skin.(link to SkinIdent instant tan).

Tests conducted by the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority and reported in New Scientist magazine have found that half of mouse cells died when they came into contact with octyl methoxycinnamate (OMC). OMC is a chemical used in 90 per cent of sunscreen lotions worldwide.

Skin Cancer is created in the upper part of the Epidermis by exposure to UV C rays and pigmentation (dark spots) and oxidation (damage to dell membranes and tissue by UV B rays

Time spent in the Sun

Sun beds 
They are definitely not safer just do a different type of damage.
Sun beds expose one to the extremely damaging and aging UVA rays that penetrate into the dermis and dry out the collagen and elastin fibres responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin as well as influencing its moisture content. UVA exposure will result in a prematurely sagging, wrinkled and dehydrated skin. If you choose to visit a solarium it is essential to apply the Dr. Baumann Liposome Solarium prior to the sun bed exposure in order to protect your skin from Collagen and Elastin damage and from dehydration. (Liposome Solarium)