Make Up

Make Up

Using makeup is an integral part of ones life and definitely contributes to ones self esteem and sense of wellbeing. One can apply ones makeup according to the fashion, ones mood-, glam it up or tone it down if one wishes and of course one can use it to “go under cover” when faced with the occasional blemish or a more seriously impure skin.

Foundation, camouflage creams and cover sticks are great for giving a uniform appearance to the complexion, covering and toning down redness (Cuperose), lightening Hyper pigmentation.(Brown spots) and blushers definitely give more vibrancy and definition to every skin. They are a great“refresher” when one is feeling tired and looking decidedly washed out. Use delicate colours because they always look natural.

Eye shadows can make your eyed look larger, not so deep set. It’s all about playing with light and shade. In fact eye shadows are one of the perfect ways to update your looks. Subtle changes can make a real difference. A great base for the eye area is a concealer as it covers up dark shadows under the eyes. Try to always use a concealer that matches your skin exactly or one that is a touch lighter. To make your eyes look brighter and larger use light colours. Dark colours are there to contour and dramatize. Mascaras and Eye pencils are perfect to enhance and contour the eyes. Lip liners can be used either to define or re-define lips. They should always match ones lipstick.

Lipstick should be in the tones of the blusher. Putting a touch of Blue Mascara or Violet on the tips of the lashes (over the normal black or brown mascara) gives a lift and brightness to the eye area. Before selecting your blusher, eye shadows and lipsticks check out your best colours according to your skin tones and undertones. This is a key issue and can help in avoiding fatal makeup faux pas. Foundation must always appear completely natural. It must be exactly like your skin or if you can’t find the exact colour then it must always be a shade lighter NOT a shade darker.

An In-depth look at makeup
Choosing the correct make up is really a health issue not only a fashion issue, meaning that you have to be sure that the makeup you use is: 
Free from chemical preservatives
Free from chemical sunscreens
Free from fragrance
Free from colorants
Free of mineral oils (petroleum)
Free of ingredients of animal origin (i.e. fish scales in eye shadows)

When one chooses a foundation it should definitely not contain mineral oils as that will stop the skin from functioning in a healthy way. It will not be able to get rid of waste product effectively and will not breathe effectively.

These problems will result in impurities forming on the skin and can eventually result in acne. Chemical preservatives, chemical sunscreens, fragrances, colorants and mineral oils, can in a mild case cause dehydration, sensitivity and more concerning can cause severe allergies and cancer. Whatever make up you choose to wear should conform to the basic criteria of containing ONLY skin friendly or even better still, skin identical ingredients.

That is the only way to ensure a truly beautiful appearance – when “healthy” is the most important word.