Liposomes are small hollow vesicles whose double –layer membranes are created with a double layer of phospholipids. Phospholipids occur naturally in the body as they make up the cell membranes, are part of the cell content and are part of the intercellular substance that exists between the cells. They consist of ball shaped water soluble and fat soluble parts. In fact a Liposome looks very like a human cell. Natural phospholipids are produced from Soy. The fatty tails of the phospholipids 
are in contact with each other and in fact form a double layered membrane that is water soluble on the outside and fat soluble on the inside. As a result Liposomescan absorb, store and transport water soluble substances Vitamin C and unfortunately chemical preservatives to the cells as well as fat soluble ingredients like vitamin E and (again unfortunately) fragrance substances to the cells.

Naturally this perfect transportation system is extremely valuable and highly effective if it carries only healthy ingredients into the skin. The problems arise when this is not the case. Allergic substance that are carried by the Liposomes into the skin can trigger the immune systems automatic defence system, resulting in irritation, allergies and in some cases may contribute to the occurrence of cancer.

The application of Liposomes by the beauty therapist requires a sense of responsibility and an excellent knowledge of the physiology of the skin in order to allow for a safe way to work with Liposomes. Because of the deep penetrating effect of the Liposomes one must be sure to only use cosmetic products without fragrances, chemical preservatives, chemical sunscreens and colorants.

As mentioned earlier the same phospholipids from which a liposome membrane is constructed comprises of the same elements as the fundamental elements of the cell membrane and as a result Liposomes can be used not only to transport valuable ingredients into the skin but can be used to repair damaged cell membranes or to be used within the intercellular substance.

Ceramides are also a critical part of the intercellular substance (naturally). Therefore if one is able to support and strengthen the intercellular substance and the surface layers of the skin with Ceramides.

Both Liposomes and Ceramides are extremely critical elements in serious skincare today. There is strong skin compatibility with Liposomes and Ceramides because of the structure of the phospholipids that are identical to those found in the cell membrane, cell inner content and intercellular substance.

Clearly skin irritations and allergies are less likely to occur if it is treated with skin compatible or skin identical ingredients. Multilayer Liposomes are even more effective than Uni-layer Liposomes as they are able to treat the skin right at the basal layer.Multi-layer means a number of Liposomes encapsulated (rather like a Russian Patrushka doll) within one another, each Liposome being somewhat smaller than the previous one in order to ensure a more effective deep reaching treatment of the skin.

There is no more effective intense treatment of the skin without the use of Multi-layer Liposomes.