Hand Care

Hand Care

Repetitive and frequent hand washing increases skin dryness and roughness. As the skin on the hands is rather fine and lacking in sebum (oil) the hands rapidly show signs of aging.The use of a hand cream immediately after each hand wash can confine both skin dryness and skin roughness. Regular use of skin care preparations should therefore help to prevent both dry and rough skin
Irritant causing contact dermatitis due to the use of detergents and harsh tensides (create the lather) is reflected by scaling, erythema (reddening of the skin due to inflammatory or immunologic processes) and oedema (swelling caused by fluid retention – excess fluid is trapped in the body's tissues.) The answer is 1. to moisturize ones hands regularly 2. To use only skin friendly or skin Identical soaps and hand creams to treat ones hands.

Sun Spots / Age Spots

Tips: 1 Peel your hands with a light peel once a week (Dr Baumann peels) 2. Always apply hand cream at least twice a day. 3. Use your face mask on your hands. Apply a fine layer of the mask on the back of your hands (Dr Baumann Masks), wrap them in plastic folio for 10 minutes, remove the excess mask and apply your hand cream. 4. A regular manicure is necessary to maintain beautiful hands. 5. In the summer it is essential to apply a SPF 30 to the hands to prevent the creation of sun damage. Sun damaged hands age rapidly.
Dark sun spots and age spots on hands

Age spots on the hands, also called liver spots, are brown discoloured marks that occur as a result of prolonged overexposure to the sun. The marks typically appear on the hands of people over the age of 40 as a lifetime of sun exposure finally catches up with them. Age spots are basically collections of melanin in the upper layer of the dermis, and are evidence that free radical damage has occurred. Free radicals are generally believed to be the molecules responsible for aging. Due to the fact that age spots are superficial, they can be removed by various methods that work by sloughing off the upper layers of the skin. Wearing sun block regularly and on a daily basis greatly reduces the risk of developing age spots on the hands and other parts of the body. Preventing the advent of age spots is, in the long run, more advantageous and affordable than any of the treatment options. Laser and chemical peel treatments can be painful and extremely expensive.

When spots appear quickly and not symmetrically, they're usually not sun damage or skin cancer (those are slow and symmetrical) but something external, like insect bites.