Cleansers and Toners


Choosing Cleansing Milk or a Cleansing Gel?

Cleansing Gels are perfect for a refreshing clean feeling in warm climates, in the summer and for people who have a tendency to oiliness or a problem skin. Preferring to 
use a cleansing gel is also a matter of personal preference and as such must be respected.

Whatever the reason for using a cleansing gel it is essential that the gel contains an extremely mild tenside. (Tensides are surface active agents that are foam stabilizers 
and thickeners and help to remove the excess oil from the skin).

A Cleansing Gel must achieve a cleansing and treating at the same time. What is critical is that the skin should feel treated and comfortable and not have a taut dry feeling 
after the gel has been used.
The ingredients should be only of valuable plant oils and a mild tenside in order to avoid extreme surface dryness and irritation.
Cleansing Milks are excellent for fine, dry skins, mature skins or for people who just prefer a lotion to a gel. The modern cleansers can be tissued off or removed with water.


Facial Tonics are essential for all skin types and conditions. The tonic is applied after the Cleansing Gel or Cleansing Lotion and helps to revitalize and refresh the skin and 
improve the microcirculation on the skins surface leaving a visibly healthy glow. Tonic removes any residue that may remain after cleansing and prepares the skin for the 
next step. Many tonics contain alcohol. This must be totally avoided as it is drying and irritating to every skin. It too should be well tolerated by the skin and every ingredient used 
in this product must be compatible with the skin or skin identical to provide the perfect preparation for the next step. Ingredients that definitely should not be in your cleanser 
are: parabens (chemical preservatives) colorants, fragrance or mineral oils all of which will cause dryness and irritation and can lead to Allergies and ultimately to dermatitis 
and cancer.