Body Care

Body Care

Every day, millions of people are using products on their bodies, products to cleanse, products to moisturize, and products to make the body smell good. 

Both men and women have a constant barrage of marketing aimed at them concerning products to use on their bodies.

So, what do you know about these products? Products for both men and women have their biggest selling point through fragrance. How many times have you been in to purchase shampoo, or body lotion and found yourself (or seen another customer) opening lids and smelling the product? Of course, the scent has absolutely nothing to do with how well the product actually functions. The scent is a major marketing ploy; one that works very well. That scent is artificial and if you begin asking people around you, you will find that many of them are allergic to these artificial fragrances. 

One of the things that you need to be able to do is read your labels and know what is in your jar or bottle. This is not to imply that you do not know how to read; you need to be able to understand how the ingredient labelling process is done and what the ingredients mean to you.

Ingredients are listed in the order of volume used in the formula for the product. This means that the first ingredient is the biggest amount of the product. In many products, you will find that this first ingredient is water; if you read the label and see that water is first, you know that the product is more water than anything else. This process of listing ingredients is common to all of your body care products.

Aside from understanding how the listing works in reference to the amount of each ingredient, you should know about certain ingredients. Remember that not all ingredients are actually good for your skin, even though the product has been marketed for use on the skin. Your body will appreciate you for paying more attention to what your purchase as your body care and bath products. Apropos bath products like bath oils and bath gels, please remember that if you use products with chemical preservatives, fragrance and colorants you are exposing your skin to these harmful ingredients for at least 15-30 minutes, allowing the harmful ingredients to damage your skin and ultimately your health. Therefore it is essential to select only safe healthy bath and shower care for yourself and your family.