Baby Care

Baby Care

As you can well imagine, babies’ skins are delicate, sensitive and easily irritated and if they get an allergy from skincare, the allergic response of the skin to specific ingredients in a product will most likely occur again and again.

Newborn babies and toddlers must only be treated with safe skincare meaning skincare that excludes fragrance, colorants, mineral oils, chemical preservatives and chemical sunscreens. When we refer to baby products we mean every single product that you use on your baby from baby creams and lotions, baby oil, bath oil and other bath preparations, body shampoo, soap and hair shampoo. Only if these products are safe to use can you be assured of the safety and health of your baby.
Unfortunately many “baby” products, surprisingly even those “household names” that have been used by young mothers for generations are often suspect. In fact those well known products often contain many harmful ingredients. Don’t imagine that just because they have been formulated “especially for babies” or bear a famous brand name that this automatically qualifies them as products that are safe for your baby.
Clearly you have to have a reliable source of information to enable you to analyse the ingredients in every product used on your baby so that you may be sure that the content is safe to use. You should also be aware that many damaging ingredients have the tendency to build up in the skin e.g. parabens and chemical sunscreens and these causes even greater damage.
How do you know what products to choose for your baby or toddler?

Very simple just click on this link and you will be connected to an Ingredient Dictionary for safe skincare. The dictionary lists the most commonly used ingredients in cosmetics today and will advise you as to what is and what is not recommendable. Take your baby products, look at the ingredients listed on the back of the jar and make your own analysis. You may well be shocked at what you find.

With the development of the Dr. Baumann and especially the SkinIdent products one can safely rule out the danger to delicate baby skin as every ingredient has been measured at least as carefully as in every other Dr. Baumann product, according to dermatological, Bionome and health criteria, as is also the case with all the face and body products.

The Dr. Baumann SkinIdent products are not only ideal for Mum and Dad but also for every baby because it contains not only protecting and treating Vitamins but has also been manufactured exclusively from ingredients and active ingredients that occur naturally in every human organism.

Dr Baumann Products are skin friendly, animal friendly and environmentally friendly

They are:

Free of preservatives

Free of perfume, fragrance and ethereal oils

Free of Mineral oils

Free of animal ingredients

Free of the unnecessary packaging that damages the environment

What could be more perfect for you or your baby?