Taking care of your face and body on a daily basis is essential.
So many people say that they don’t have the time. The fact is that you can keep beauty care very simple and suited to your lifestyle. Our job at DR Baumann is to advise you on how to keep your personal beauty regimen effective and to the point.
However, it is still essential to visit your beauty therapist regularly to discuss your skin concerns with her and enjoy an in salon treatment. Take the time to let her analyse your skin and prescribe the perfect homecare and in salon treatment to get your skin back into great shape.

Home care is key because your skin faces the daily challenges of the environment, your lifestyle, stress and maintaining a healthy diet.

These above mentioned elements all affect your health, well being and the appearance of your skin more than you might imagine.
Using expensive cosmetic brands are not necessarily healthy or safe for your skin. They could well contain ingredients that are damaging and aging to the skin. In fact every time you put a cream or lotion on your face or body you should be asking yourself if the cream or lotion is really beneficial to your skin.

How can you be sure? From today you have access to the Ingredient Dictionary an independent listing of the most used ingredients in beauty products. Each ingredient is explained and critically evaluated. So from today you can check every ingredient listed on the back of your product and for the first time you will really know what is in your jar.

This information will enable you to always know if the ingredients in your products are necessary, effective and safe or ineffective and harmful to your skin and your health.

What may surprise you is that many products that claim to be “anti aging” contain numerous ingredients that age the skin dramatically.

If your anti aging or hydrating cream contains parabens (chemical preservatives), chemical sunscreens, fragrance and colorants, you are in fact contributing to a rapidly aging, dehydrated skin. It’s time to change to skin compatible or skin identical products; it’s the only intelligent decision to take.

Cabin treatments are the ideal as they give you the opportunity to take some“personal time” to relax, spoil yourself and place yourself in the hands of an expert. The ingredients in cabin products can offer optimal results and each treatment step will ensure a deeper penetration of the valuable active ingredients such as essential vitamins and fatty acids (using Multilayer Liposome’s) to also treat the basal layer of the skin. The “spoiling” massage stimulates improved oxygenation of the skin cells and supports a healthy metabolism.

Your monthly appointment (if possible) with your beauty therapist will help to keep your skin “in shape” and allow your cosmetician to update you on what is new and recommend any changes to your home care once she has analysed the current condition of your skin. Take the time it is really worth it!