Philosophy of the Company


The cosmetics industry has done well off the illusions created by advertising. Beautiful, young women are used in advertising campaigns, which suggests to the consumer that if you buy this product, you will look just as beautiful. Every fad sows new hope that a pivotal development in anti-ageing has been achieved, although these changing trends do not change the needs of the skin. The gorgeous containers which cosmetic products come in add a hint of luxury and elegance, but have nothing to do with the compatibility or effectiveness of the creams they contain – they only increase the price of the product. The same can be said for the packaging, which creates unnecessary mountains of waste, but cannot make the skin more beautiful.

We want to go a completely different route and concentrate on the absolute essentials of beauty care. Therefore it was necessary to define and scientifically establish these crucial criteria for dermatological-based skincare

  1. Compatibility
  2. Effectiveness
  3. Ethical commitment to animal and environmental protection

An essential point in skincare is compatibility, namely lasting and sustainable compatibility. All products are compatible at first, but users cannot depend on them. It is important for consumers that a product is lastingly compatible and doesn’t cause sensitization and thus an allergic reaction after a period of time. The best possible way to avoid this is to dispense with the worst allergens. Scientists who work with allergies, such as dermatologists and allergologists, know the compatibility of the various substances which are used in cosmetics. A glance at a dermatological textbook shows us that preservatives, fragrances and perfumes, rank amongst the most common allergens. The effect of a skincare product should be to get the skin into the best possible condition within individual genetic parameters. We achieve this through a harmonious composition of skin-friendly active substances and vitamins, together with especially important multilamellar liposomes which consist of lipids endemic to the skin. Multilamellar liposomes are outstandingly effective in dermatological and scientifically-based skincare.

For us, being animal-friendly goes without saying, because as far as we are concerned there are no animal substances which cannot be replaced by plant-based ones. We achieve an environmentally friendly and excellently priced cost-performance ratio through the use of practical and shapely containers without unnecessary outer packaging.

 is the science of the laws of life. These laws are the basis of the development and production of our skincare products. This means that on the one hand we take into account the metabolic processes in the human body and skin, and on the other hand we concern ourselves with environmental aspects.

The principles of bionome skincare are:

  • Optimal compatibility through the application of dermatological and allergological knowledge in the choice of ingredients.
  • A targeted selection of ingredients whose effect has been described and documented and which are therefore beneficial to the skin.
  • A harmony between the ingredients and the skins physiology and anatomy. This is achieved when as many as possible of the ingredients are endemic to the skin e.g. which exist naturally in the skin.
  • Environmentally friendly through the avoidance of superfluous packaging.
  • Animal-friendly through the exclusion of animal substances.

Exceptional Compatibility

A scientifically-based selection of ingredients minimises the likelihood of allergies and lays the foundation for exceptional compatibility. Certain perfumes and preservatives count as some of the most common allergens in cosmetics. This is referred to in technical literature, for example the “Blue List” (published by ECV) and in relevant dermatological textbooks.

Even when you have ostensibly used allergenic substances for a long period of time, consistent use can lead to allergic reactions months or even years later. It is not surprising then that more and more people are complaining about skin allergies. In the interests of our clients we do not want to take this risk. Therefore has Dr. Baumann SkinIdent let smell pleasant and make durable without preservatives a considerable cost of exploration operated around products without perfume without scents and without ethereal oils. Single Dr. Baumann SkinIdent spezial products contains ethereal oils which are indicated according to the legal regulations on the respective products.

Documented Effectiveness

Multilamellar liposomes display a wide range of beneficial effects on the skin. They are able to transport important active substances e.g. skin-friendly vitamins, into the skin and greatly boost the skin’s moisture content within a short period of time.

Scientific Accuracy and Honesty

We guarantee that at Dr. Baumann SkinIdent we make no false or exaggerated promises. Our goal is to achieve the most for you and your skin, within predetermined hereditary limits.

The Paradigm of the Skin

Our multilamellar liposomes are comprised of the same lipids as human skin cells. These lipids and the ceramides which we use are important components of the intercellular substance between the skin cells. With the Dr. Baumann SkinIdent liposome products you are treating your skin with exactly the same substances which occur in the skin naturally, and will therefore agree with the skin. Simply put, you are caring for your skin with “skin”! Can there be anything more natural for your skin? It is however an important prerequisite that the liposome products do not contain preservatives or perfumes. Now you probably understand why our skincare products are so effective and compatible! The criteria for organic cosmetics which, for example, are permitted to contain chemical preservatives, are not acceptable to us. Our special quality requirements fall under the term “bionome skincare”.

Safety Through Natural Ingredients

Our products contain valuable plant oils, but no mineral oils or paraffins from petroleum. Due to their low price mineral oils can significantly reduce the manufacturing costs of cosmetics. However, according to experience, in high concentrations they can leave a film on the skin and impair the regeneration of the skin’s protective barrier. After discontinuing use of mineral oils the skin can initially dry out and produce pimples, even though the skin is being treated with a Dr. Baumann SkinIdent product containing natural plant oils. In this case continue with the Dr. Baumann SkinIdent product, so that the skin’s protective barrier can regenerate and the skin can once again conserve moisture.

Scientific Expertise

Dr. Baumann SkinIdent manufactures high-quality products for particularly discerning and quality conscious people. All decisions are made by competent scientists (doctor, cosmetic chemist) who are also the founders of the companies. The focus is on caring for you and your skin, and not on changing cosmetic trends which are of dubious benefit for your skin.

Responsibility for People, Animals and Environment

An important aim of Dr. Baumann SkinIdent is to protect the environment and our fellow creatures. We therefore do not use superfluous packaging such as outer packaging around containers and bottles. On grounds of animal protection we do not use substances of killed animals in our products. The predominant amount of animal substances comes from the left-over’s from animals slaughtered in mass farming.

Real animal protection completely excludes the killing of any animal. It is a contradiction to kill what one wants to protect.

As a company committed to animal protection it goes without saying that we do not include substances of killed animals in our products as animal ingredients offer no benefit in comparison with plant-based ingredients.

You are welcome to request further free information on the ethical and health benefits of a meat-free  vegan diet from us.

Animal protection does not begin with the correct choice in cosmetics but the correct choice of food. It is a moral, ethical balance between a brief delicious taste sensation and the life or death of an animal. Your conscience will tell you that you can never attach greater worth to a great-tasting meal than the life of an animal.

Healthy Diet

The importance of a healthy diet for beautiful skin cannot be stressed enough. From a medical point of view it is ensured that a meat-free, vegan diet is much healthier. Meanwhile, the connection between eating meat and certain cancers, especially breast cancer in women, has been scientifically proven. You can read more on this in a study in “Cancer” (vol. 94, p. 272), the renowned medical journal for cancer research.

Understanding Cosmetic Ingredients = Consumer Protection

To protect consumers it is legally stipulated that the ingredients in cosmetic products must be indicated on the packaging (INCI Declaration). But very little is known about what is hidden behind the (often Latin) terms. Therefore we have put together a list of commonly used chemical preservatives, perfumes and petroleum products/mineral oils:

Perfume, fragrance

Chemical preservatives:
Dibromodicyanobutan, 4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, Cethylpyridinium Chloride, Chlorhexidine, Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol, DMDM Hydantoin, Formaldehyde, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Diazolidinyl Urea, Dehydroacetic Acid, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Methylisothiazolinone, Methylchlorisothiazolinone, Methyldibrome Glutaronitrile, Cetrimonium Bromide, PHB-Ester, Polyamidopropyl Biguanide, Phenoxyl Ethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Sorbic Acid, Benzoic Acid,  Triclosan, 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3-Diol, Quaternium 15, Iodpropinylbutylcarbamate.

Mineral oils:
Petrolatum (Vaseline), Paraffinum-Liquidum, Paraffinum-Subliquidum, Cera Microcristallina, microcrystalline wax, ozokerite, ceresin wax

We guarantee that Dr. Baumann SkinIdent products contain no chemical preservatives, no perfumes and no mineral oils or paraffins from petroleum.

If you would like further information about the benefits and drawbacks of specific cosmetic ingredients, we recommend the following literature:
The “Blue List” put out for specialists classifies cosmetic ingredients according to their “allergy risk potential”. The “Blue List” was created by the following authors: Dr. H.P Fiedler, Wiesbaden; Prof. Dr. H. Ippen, Göttingen; Prof. Dr. F. H. Kemper, Münster; Prof. Dr. Dr. N.P. Lüpke, Osnabrück; Prof. Dr. K. H. Schulz, Hamburg; Dr. W. Umbach, Düsseldorf.

An informative reference book for experts as well as consumers without specialist knowledge is the book “Die Bewertung kosmetischer Inhaltsstoffe anhand der INCI-Bezeichnungen” (The Evaluation of Cosmetic Ingredients based on the INCI Declaration) by Dr. Ernst W. Henrich and Dr. Thomas Baumann. It serves as an assessment of cosmetic products in terms of their compatibility, allergic risk and effectiveness. Furthermore, it differentiates between plant-based and animal ingredients so that animal-friendly consumers and vegetarians can make the best choice when selecting products.

Multilamellar Liposomes: The special active substance and excipient

Amazing properties: Both active substance and excipient
Liposomes are skin-related matter which besides their moisture-dispensing properties also performs an important transport function. They are able to penetrate other skin-friendly active substances into the skin (such as vitamins). Due to the increased risk of penetration, it is understandable that we do not use preservatives or perfumes in our products.

Ensured effectiveness. Scientific studies have shown that the twice-daily application of multilamellar liposomes can greatly boost the skin’s moisture content within a short period of time.

These findings are documented, for example in the scientific publication “Haut und Liposome” (Skin and Liposomes) (1992) by Dr. Ghyczy et al. and “Beeinflussung der Hautfeuchtigkeit durch Liposomen” (The impact of liposomes on the moisture of the skin) in the journal SöFW 10/92 by Dr. Röding et al.

Compatibility. The lipid building-blocks of multilamellar liposomes exist naturally as components of the skin cells. This is the basis for exceptional compatibility.

The Founders

For over 12 years the directors, cosmetic chemist Dr. Thomas Baumann and doctor and naturopath Dr. Ernst W. Henrich, have been pursuing their goal to develop first-class bionome skincare products.

Since the beginning they have been working in accordance with a clear concept which has proved to be the best: the doctor and naturopath provides knowledge on what is best for the skin and the cosmetic chemist translates this knowledge into appropriate products in the laboratory.

Dr. Henrich and Dr. Baumann have also become well-known as authors of the book “Die Bewertung kosmetischer Inhaltsstoffe anhand der INCI-Bezeichnungen” (The Evaluation of Cosmetic Ingredients based on the INCI Declaration). This work offers those in professional circles as well as interested end-users an assessment of cosmetic products based on their ingredients. The book can be obtained directly from your cosmetic institute.

The specific bionome quality standards which have been arrived at are the result of continuous, systematic and ambitious research.

Dr. Baumann and Dr. Henrich will continue to give their best for you and your skin. A promise is a promise!