Sun Damaged Skin Description

Sun Damaged Skin

Skin Aging caused by environmental and other external influences are more influencial than the natural genetic aging process.

One of the major causes of a prematurely aging skin is unprotected , or poorly protected exposure to the sun and the use of sun beds. The visible results are a thickened horny layer, premature lines and wrinkles, a “leather like” appearance, brown discolorations (Hyperpigmentation) and sagging countours. This results as the collagen and elastin “firming“ fibres are damaged. Tanning is actually proof that the UV rays have damaged some of the skin cells.

Sun damage accumulates every time you go outdoors into the sun.
As this damage has an accumulative effect it appears as if one day your skin is smooth and youthful and overnight sagging and wrinkles make their appearance. What has actually happened is that the damage has existed for a long time but has just not been visible. When a certain point is reached, the skin is suddenly no longer able or strong enough to mantain that superficial appearance of a “healthy skin“.

UVA rays penetrate deeply into the skin causing the formation of lines and wrinkles and in extreme cases CANCER!
Fair skinned people with red hair and freckles or blonde hair and light complexions are more likely to get skin cancer. UVB rays penetrate into the surface of the skin and cause sensitivities, allergies and surface, painful sunburn.
Weekly secondary sun exposure ( running various errands- in and out of the sun) is like spending a week on the beach without protection.