SkinIdent – Bionome Quality

The bionome quality standards for skin-friendly, animal-friendly and environmentally-friendly products reach a whole new level with SkinIdent.

Optimal safety from allergies and therefore an optimal effect, for a visibly beautiful skin:

  1. SkinIdent exclusively contains ingredients and vitamins which occur naturally in the skin and body (as allergies are triggered by foreign substances)
  2. SkinIdent contains no substances listed as allergens in the IVDK (Information Network of Departments of Dermatology) “Investigation into the prevalence of environmental contact allergies” commissioned by the National Environmental Agency in 2004.
  • Free from parabens and all other preservatives
  • Free from perfume, fragrances and essential oils
  • Without the most common allergy triggers
  • Free from mineral oils
  • Free of animal-derived ingredients – vegan and animal-friendly
  • Without unnecessary outer packaging – environmentally friendly
  • With a shelf life of over 30 months
  • With naturally neutral aroma
  • With exclusively skin-identical ingredients and skin-friendly vitamins
  • With multilayered liposomes
  • With skin-identical extracts of precious, pure natural oils
  • With outstanding compatibility

Developed in our own laboratories.
Manufactured in our own production facilities.

A new age of skin care begins

1. Foreign substances cause allergic skin reactions.
2. Substances endemic to the skin do not cause allergic reactions. (Exception: Certain autoimmune diseases)
3. Allergies are on the increase and are therefore creating problems for many people.
4. A skin care product can only be optimally effective if the best compatibility with the skin is achieved.

SkinIdent is the first and at the time (June 2006) also the only skin care line in the world which comprised exclusively of skin-identical ingredients and vitamins. Skin identical means that these ingredients exist naturally in one’s skin and are recognized by the immune system as endemic to the body. This new concept has advantages for you and your skin which can be directly seen and felt. Therefore, through the best possible compatibility, the effectiveness of your daily skin care routine will be guaranteed in the long-term and avoid the risks posed by allergenic substances. What was previously not predictable was which cosmetic ingredients triggered and caused allergic skin reactions. It is clear that foreign substances are responsible, therefore, the first logical step is to avoid dermatological allergy triggers such as perfume, essential oils, fragrance, preservatives and other allergenic foreign substances what was previously not predictable was which cosmetic ingredients would result in an allergic reaction in the skin; the Your SkinIdent cosmetologist, an expert on healthy skincare, will gladly advise you on cosmetic ingredients.