Recommended Skincare

Important Recommendation: To improve the Acne condition and refine the surface of Acne condition a series of treatments with the AHA peeling series.

Skin Ident

Dr. Baumann


Recommend Dr. Baumann for Acne Conditions

Cleansing gel or Cleansing Milk (for all skin types)

Face Cleanser (foaming gel)

Facial Tonic for Normal and Oily skin

Tonic Lotion

Liposome Multi Active Tee Tree

Face and Body Peeling

Or in severe cases Liposome Multi Active Manuka Tee Tree and Lavender.

Liposome Tea Tree

Apply the Herb Vital Ampoule following the Liposome

Gel Mask

or mixed in with the treatment cream.

Cream Mask

Multi Vitamin Fluid for Normal to oily skin (day care)

Intensive Tea Tree cream

Active Care (night Care)

Eye Gel

Active Care gel

Eye Cream

Apply Pimple cream locally to infected areas at night.

Pimple Cream (for local application)

Treat yourself to the Dr. Baumann So Pure Acne Clear Facial and the Dr. Baumann Deep Peel Facial

Last resort
A dermatologist may clear your skin up fast but the side effects can be drastic and a matter of “overkill” If you have basic acne,you can treat it effectively with  regular visits to your Point Of Skin salon /SPA . The treatments must be carried out by a qualified Skinologist and a carefully prescribed homecare regimen must be carried out on daily basis.For serious acne as mentioned previously a dermatologist has an arsenal of products to clear up your skin. Retinoids, antibiotics, azelaic acid and birth control pills. These are all options usually covered by insurance. You might consider laser treatments, but these are more costly (about $500-$2,400) and can result in Hyper pigmentation. Severe cases can be treated with Accutane, which is a 5-month course that is considered the most effective treatment available. It can, however result in many serious side effects including birth defects if taken during pregnancy and should really be a last resort. It doesn’t solve the problem it just masks it.