Couperose & Rosacea Do‘s & Don’ts

Couperose & Rosacea
Do‘s & Don’ts

Be sure to:
Ensure that you support your beauty salon/SPA treatment with the appropriate safe homecare.
Do use only skin friendly or skin identical products free of chemical preservatives, chemical sunscreens, mineral oils, fragrance and colorants.
Always protect yourself from excessive exposure to sunlight
Visit your salon / SPA regularly to treat this delicate condition with the “Rosacea Calm“ treatment.

Very spicy food
Hot Drinks
Excessive alcohol
Sitting close to an open fire
Hot baths, hot tubs, saunas and solariums
Skin care products that cause stinging, burning or irritation that will worsen the redness
Strong chemical or herbal peels (carried out in beauty salons or SPAs)