Couperose and Rosacea Description

Couperose and Rosacea

Couperose is the first stage of Rosacea. The first noticable symptoms are a tendency to blush(facial flushing) which becomes more frequent and more visible with time. People with Rosacea/Couperose tend to have a more sensitive, fine easily irritated skin and “burst“ capillaries on the face. Alcohol based lotions, certain types of make-up, sunscreens and other skincare products may cause stinging, redness and irritation. Rosacea can occur at any age but is most likely to start in fair, fine skinned people in their late 30‘s or early 40‘s.

Often these customers may tend to have a more volatile personality and are therefore more easily stressed; therefore it is especially important for them to have gentle calming products for home care and a regular professional treatment at a trusted Skinology beauty expert who will monitor their skins condition on a monthly basis.