A special kind of make-up

The special quality of the DR. BAUMANN MakeUP line is the result of successful cooperation with experts in various fields. The size of the product range, the colours and other quality requirements set out as objectives. Another goal was to meet or even surpass the high standards demanded by professional makeup artists. This important job fell to German Makeup Champion 2000, Tülay Aktag. The evaluation of ingredients on dermatological and allergological grounds was incumbent on Dr. Henrich, a doctor and naturopath, as the Dr. Baumann SkinIdent bionome quality standards require that risky ingredients be excluded.

Animals are also protected by the bionome ethical and quality guidelines. Therefore Dr. Baumann SkinIdent completely rejects the use of animal ingredients and guarantees that all DR. BAUMANN MakeUP brushes are made from synthetic hair. The quality of these brushes is so outstanding that you will struggle to tell them apart from brushes made with animal hair.

As a successfully renowned cosmetic chemist Dr. Baumann also provided discerning input into this MakeUP line. Finally Ms. Aktag carried out numerous tests on all the products in the professional fields of film and television as well as daily use by normal consumers, until her strict quality requirements were more than fulfilled. Creating natural beauty and radiance is something she considers crucially important.

Just as with the two skincare lines, SkinIdent and DR. BAUMANN, this MakeUP selection is also oriented towards the Dr. Baumann SkinIdent bionome quality guidelines: Skin-friendly, animal-friendly and environmentally friendly.

To be precise this means:

  • Free from chemical preservatives
  • Free from perfume
  • With natural plant oils
  • Free from mineral oils
  • Free from animal substances – vegan
  • Use of multilamellar liposomes for optimal nourishment
  • No unnecessary packaging


The DR. BAUMANN MakeUP is guaranteed to meet the highest expectations professional users as well as the dermatological requirement for compatible ingredients. However, particular consideration is also given to ethical criteria with regard to the protection of animals and avoiding unnecessary packaging.