There are so many products available in the market that it is totally saturated with cosmetic companies. Advertising further adds to the confusion as it is always glamorous and seducing and its promises are hard to resist. Models and other celebrities promote creams and lotions and as they look fantastic we are persuaded to buy certain cosmetics, believing that we can achieve the same look.

When we go to a department store or perfumery the seduction continues. Every counter looks glamorous, the product packaging is stylish and the beauty advisor looks amazing albeit a little intimidating. We look for our favourite brand and start to buy. The information and advice that we receive in this case is from a beauty advisor that has at best received 3-5 days of training and makes her recommendation having looked at our skin, over the counter, with make-up on and without having filled out a detailed questionnaire with you in order to really understand your skin.
I hope you are beginning to realize that this is not the best way to go if you want a serious, professional approach to providing your skincare needs.
Miracle ingredients “the elixir of youth” is being proclaimed at regular intervals by major cosmetic companies. They are impressive showing graphs and percentages and we all tend to accept them because they are“scientifically proven” to bring results. If we visit our beauty therapist she will tell us that her products are better than those sold in departmental stores and perfumeries because her products are made for professionals. She will tell you that her products have better ingredients and higher percentages of active ingredients so the products must be good mustn’t they? If you ask your beauty therapist how she knows she will probably say “because the supplying company said so“. This means the company that produced the products said so. It’s logical that they would say so.

In view of all this we probably find ourselves returning to the questions

How do we know what products to choose?
Will our products really fulfil their claims?
What proof do we have?
Where do we go to find this essential information?

What we really need to be asking ourselves is simply what is in our jar!
Are the ingredients contained in this jar healthy and safe for our skin?
Logically a healthy, beautiful and youthful skin can only be the result of safe skincare. We’re sure that you will agree.

Your Beauty expert has been created to help you with making informed decisions about the skincare you purchase for you and your family.
You can create your personal skin analysis just simply click the Prescription by Professionals. You will also find descriptions of various skin conditions and how to treat them. Safe skincare is also discussed along with skincare ingredients that must be avoided. Ingredients that are highly recommended are also discussed in detail.

To further assist you in making the correct skincare decisions push the Analyse Your Product button this will evaluate every single ingredient in your product and you will be able to determine whether the product is valuable or in fact is detrimental to the health of your skin.

Finally we also recommend products that fall into the category of safe skincare on the Point of Skin site. Go to products you love to own. You can check the ingredients in those products too. We guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised.

All these tools will empower you to choose your products in an objective, scientific way.

Happy, healthy, shopping!