Eye Zone Description

Eye Zone

Your eyes are the windows of your soul and the revealers of your age. 
Fine lines rapidly become wrinkles that reflect the anger, the tears, the laughter the joy and every moment that makes up the sum of your life. The skin around your eye is 7 times thinner and more delicate then on the rest of your face and as a result, it is often the first place to show signs of aging! The visible results are lines and wrinkles, sagging eyelids, extreme dryness, oedema, swollen eyelids and dark circles caused from lack of sleep. All these visible, unwanted signs can be avoided or improved with proper care. Men and women both tend too look years older when their eye area is not properly cared for. This delicate skin deserves and requires professional attention both at your Dr Baumannsalon/ Spa at the hands of a qualified Skinologist and at home with professionally prescribed skincare.