We at Dr. Baumann SkinIdent consider it very important that you as a cosmetician broaden your knowledge by reading objective topical literature.

Here you will find links which offer useful information. It is important that you do not only receive information from us but also from many other reliable resources. Then you will be able to form an objective opinion based an informed basis.

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  • What is vegan? Why vegan?

    Link to

  • The International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI)
    A list of all cosmetic ingredients can be found at However nothing is revealed about the compatibility of the ingredients.
  • Vegeterra – supporting a vegetarian Lifestyle
    This is the second occasion on which the support group for VEGETERRA have made mention of the Dr. Baumann and the Dr.Henrich GmbH supported Vegetarian children and young people’s prize (kIJU) endowed with the sum of 5000 Euros.

    Learn more about it at: