Environmental and Animal Protection

Why animal-friendly products and animal protection is so important to Dr. Baumann SkinIdent

“Compassion is the foundation of morality” said well-known philosopher Artur Schopenhauer. Compassion towards those who are unable to free themselves from the suffering inflicted on them by people. This applies predominantly to children, old people and animals. The rights of children and seniors are at least protected by law. But does this apply to animals, which are allegedly protected by “animal protection laws”? Unfortunately the reality differs from what many people believe. On closer inspection, the animal protection law is actually an “animal exploitation law”, which protects animals neither from suffering nor from death. Although the animal protection law prohibits the killing or torture of animals, it includes so many cases of exception that it is practically a “toothless tiger”. This law actually provides a basis for the persecution and killing of animals on commercial grounds. This animal protection law permits millions of animals to be atrociously tortured and killed. The media reports on it almost on a daily basis, yet nothing it changed. You can only change something when every individual can satisfy himself that he has taken moral responsibility towards stopping the suffering of animals.

Now some would certainly say that they as individuals cannot change anything. Naturally this is not right; it is only an excuse. You can start with yourself and your pets, to invalidate this whole system which leads to the suffering and death of millions of animals. The assumption is naturally that one wants real animal protection which actually protects animals against cruelty and death.

Have you considered for a moment what ‘animal protection’ really means, when one takes it seriously? Does ‘animal protection’ mean the haphazard protection of selective cuddly animals like dogs and cats, or the protection of all abused animals without random selection?  

Real, all-embracing animal protection protects all animals. Therefore it logically follows that we should not slaughter, or allow the slaughter of, any animals in order to feed them to our pets. Wanting to simultaneously protect and kill animals is a contradiction in terms. If we kill an animal we are taking from it the most important and valuable thing it has: its life. The consequence of this is that pets shouldn’t be fed with compound commercial foods, as they contain meat from slaughtered animals. This completely overrides the protection of these animals. Animal protection therefore means that pets should also be fed a vegetarian diet.
This makes sense and is also good for your pets’ health, as experience in the field of animal protection has shown: www.ig-tierschutz-siegen.de and the world-wide animal protection group Peta (http://www.peta.de/info/fakten/dfsveg11.htm and (http://www.peta.de/info/fakten/dfsveg12.html)
Honest and thereby real animal protection begins not only with feeding your animals but also with your own diet.
The decision whether or not to consume meat always means a moral/ethical trade-off between a brief delight for the taste buds and the life or death of an animal. Your conscience will tell you that you can never attach greater worth to a great-tasting meal than to the life of an animal.