Why We Need Skincare

Why Do We Need Skincare?

We need skincare to support and replace the ingredients that exist naturally in our skin.
To effectively cleanse our skin that is exposed to pollution on a daily basis.
We need it to address changes in our skin that occur with time as well as changes that result from environmental influences.
Safe skincare will keep your skin looking healthy radiant and youthful for years to come and help to protect it from damaging sun rays-resulting in cancer and dermatitis.
When we talk about safe skincare we mean:

No chemical preservatives.
No fragrance.
No chemical sunscreens.
No mineral oils.
No oxygen.
No chemical colorants.
No ingredients of animal origin.

Another essential aspect to effective skincare is that is either completely skin compatible or Skin identical.
If this is the case then the skin will thrive with these products and not reject them. Rejection would most likely be indicated by sensitivity, extreme hydration, acne or allergies and in the worst case – cancer.