Allergies Recommended Skincare

Recommended Skincare


Dr. Baumann


Cleansing Milk Cleansing Milk Cleansing Milk
Facial Tonic Facial Tonic Lotion (depending on skin condition) Tonic Lotion
Cream Mask for normal and dry skin Liposome light Cream Mask
Liposome Vitamin-Ceramid Mask Liposome E+C Gel Mask
Liposome Ceramid Ceramide Ampoule Super Sensitive Light cream
Liposome Vitamin Vitamin E 100% Ampoule Super Sensitive Medium cream
Vitamin E, A Lipid Ampoule Aloe Vera Mask or Super Sensitive Rich (depending on skin condition)
Ceramid Cream (according to skin condition) Sensitive cream (according to skin condition) Eye Cream
Eye Cream Eye Cream Eye Gel
Eye Gel Eye Gel