Allergies Do‘s & Don’ts

Do‘s & Don’ts

Be sure to:
In a sense skin protects and represents our individuality and therefore every product used on the body should be chosen for their skin healing, skin compatible properties. Ethereal oils (if agreeable to skin) should also be used as they also have emotional resonances. By applying specific products and by initiating Spa elements at home the allergy sufferer can create a peaceful healing haven and furthermore having a beauty/Spa routine allows her to reclaim control of her appearance and her life. This approach does not offer a quick fix because it is influenced by the emotional mindset of the person in combination with skin friendly, healthy, healing products.

A balanced, safe, treatment protocol for your “in salon” and “at home” beauty care designed by your cosmetician must address all aspects of your wellbeing and will enhance the physical healing of your skin. Any allergic or intolerant reaction should be analysed by a suitably qualified health care or beauty professional for short term control and long term management, taking in to account the nature and location of the reaction and the circumstances emotional and environmental prevailing at the time. If these issues are discussed with your beauty expert she will direct you towards a more balanced form of skincare that can hopefully minimize or completely prevent the reaction from occurring again.

Use only Dr Baumann OR SkinIdent products to keep your skin “allergy proof”
Receive your personal skin analysis and personal prescription from a qualified cosmetician and Skinologist at your DR Baumann outlet.

All known causes of contact allergies.
By avoiding the use of products containing chemical preservatives, chemical sunscreens, colorants fragrances , mineral oils.
This applies to all beauty products for face, hair and body (including make-up).