Allergies Description


Allergies- An Emotional Issue
When you feel an emotion such as despair, stress or depression this creates a low frequency- current of energy. Gary Zukav

The effects that “Emotional Issues” can have on the behaviour of ones skin:

In a time where almost 50% of the population at least in Europe suffers from various forms of allergic reactions and indeed the rest of the world is on a fast track to the same “destination”, one needs to take a serious look at the subject-allergies. Many allergies result from applying skincare with damaging, ingredients on a regular basis but we must also use this opportunity to highlight emotional issues (in many cases stress) as a contributory factor to the development of allergies. This situation has created a real challenge for our personal cosmeticians to deal with. Putting the word “emotions” and “allergies” in the same sentence is not a regular occurrence. Simply put, an allergy is the body’s reaction to something it does not like. The normal route of doctors and dermatologists is to suppress the symptoms with a drug of some kind, identify the physical cause and hopefully all will be well, except that from that day on every time your body is exposed to that particular allergen (allergy creating ingredient/substance) you will experience the same symptoms and in addition this allergic reaction is implanted in the memory of your cells and most of the allergic reactions are automatically inherited by the generations to come.

Thankfully very few people are so allergic to something that it has fatal results but this does not reduce the effect that it has on your daily life. The coughing, sneezing, headaches, skin or digestive problems have an adverse effect on your total feeling of well being.

Looking at allergic reactions that manifest themselves on the skin one should take a more holistic approach to skincare and also take ones emotions into account i.e. the emotional triggers that can cause a reaction that manifests itself as a physical one. Of course the physical condition must be dealt with but it is important to advise your cosmetician if you are under more stress than usual, sleeping more erratically and in fact make her aware of anything that has changed in your lifestyle that could be affecting the current condition of your skin in order for her to prescribe the perfect skincare for your home use. A typical reaction to stress combined with a reaction triggered by contact substances eg. “beauty products” could be “dermatitis” (an angry red rash) this may be very rapidly cured with hydrocortisone but can be escalated and prolonged if for example the person concerned is going through a divorce ,change of job or location change.

Allergies (contact)
Every substance recognized by the immune system as foreign to the body can cause an allergy.
Every substance has a different allergic potential.
Chemical preservatives, chemical sunscreens, colorants and fragrances are the main reasons for allergic reactions to cosmetic products. The investigation by the dermatologists of Gentofte Hospital , University of Copenhagen – English (.pdf, Acrobat Reader, 0.02 MB) Here you will find the scientific proof that 10 % of the healthy population will suffer skin problems within the first five years of using skin care products. Allergies are the main problem.