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The Skinology Seminar

Society is becoming more aware of the dangers of excessive sun exposure and sun damage by the day, and cosmetic companies are taking full advantage of this. We are constantly being bombarded about the importance of sun protection……..and the higher the SPF the better. However, chemical sunscreens are used in 98% of sun protection products. These chemicals not only do damage to the skin, but they don’t even provide the protection that thy promise to.

During the Healthy Sun Care Seminar the lies and misconceptions surrounding sun protection products will be uncovered. You will become aware of the detrimental damage that chemical sunscreens cause to the skin and the rest of the body.

Various studies have been carried out on chemical sunscreens and the outcome is that products containing these harmful ingredients are not effective - in fact  they cause the skin to age 300% faster and can lead to skin cancer and other skin conditions.

Chemical sunscreens affect the endocrine system and have even been found in mother’s milk. These toxins are being transferred to babies and are affecting their still developing endocrine systems, which can lead to growth and developmental disorders.

What do SPF numbers mean? As everyone’s skin is different and can tolerate different amounts of sun exposure, SPF’s will provide various durations of protection for individuals. Learn how to calculate how long each individual can spend in the sun with the various SPF’s before they start burning.

By attending the Healthy Sun Care Seminar you will empower yourself with the information that will allow your to make informed, healthy decisions on sun protection products for your customers and your family.

Presented By:
Johannesburg: 21.10.2013
Potchefstroom : 26.10.2013
A Full Day Seminar : Starting 9AM - 6PM













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