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The Skincare Millionaire Seminar # 2

Promise- The millionaire seminar: From a beauty salon/SPA into a powerful Brand is a 1 day seminar that will increase your business value by at least 400% while giving you the necessary edge in today’s most competitive market place. This seminar that concentrates in turning your beauty salon/SPA into a powerful Brand will guide you step by step in the latest and most up to date techniques of Branding. Attending this seminar will give you a short cut to the new world of Branding and will save you from buying hundreds of books and prevent you from spending hundreds of hours on reading purely theoretical information. The modern practical marketing and Branding tools that you will receive free of charge will allow you to immediately start your professional Branding process in order to ensure immediate tangible results.

  1. Practical Marketing Tools (Free of charge for the Millionaire seminar participants) - The Millionaire seminar participants benefit from:

  2. 52 layout designs of ready to use adverts and weekly promotion layouts that you can immediately  forward to your customers.

  3. 52 different posters designed to support the different weekly promotional activities.

  4. 12 different vouchers: that can significantly increase new customer traffic.

  5. 52 weekly newsletters: that you can use immediately in order to communicate with your clients.. 

  6. 24 monthly PR articles: that you can use immediately for your local media.

  7. 52 weekly business articles: that will guide you step by step in applying a winning strategy.

  8. A ready made website: customers who join and stock DR BAUMANN products are entitled to receive a FREE OF CHARGE advanced technology website.

  9.  A ready made BLOG PLATFORM: customers who join and stock DR BAUMANN products are entitled to receive a FREE OF CHARGE advanced technology BLOG PLATFORM that includes built in videos and the latest version of a cosmetic ingredient dictionary .

  10. A ready made BLOG PLATFORM: customers who join and stock DR BAUMANN products are entitled to receive a FREE OF CHARGE advanced technology BLOG PLATFORM that includes built in videos and the latest version of a cosmetic ingredient dictionary.

  11. A ready made YOUTUBE CHANNEL: customers who join and stock DR BAUMANN products are entitled to receive a FREE OF CHARGE YOUTUBE CHANNEL that includes built in videos and a fully designed, fully personalized YOUTUBE CHANNEL.   

Background and facts:

  1. Today customers are not interested in JUST products!!! They are mostly interested in Brands!!!

  2. Today customers are attracted mostly by innovation and not just by standard and boring products. 

  3. Becoming a powerful Brand means: fulfilling your customer’s tangible and intangible needs concurrently.   

  4. Branding is not marketing!!! It is the power of attraction that relatively few people really understand when it comes to the Beauty salon/SPA business.

  5. Turning your beauty salon/SPA into an innovative powerful enduring Brand is the number one condition for making both a huge growth in sales and a huge growth in your business value.

  6. Business value- Most beauty salon/SPA owners ignore the business value from a  wide perspective and look at business from the narrow perspective of daily sales and weekly or monthly sales. Business value isn’t tangible till the day that you decide to sell your business; still, you have to keep in mind that when you sell a business that is recognised as a Brand, you can easily count on collecting immediate cash representing at least 300% of your annual profits.

  7. A powerful Brand overcomes price competition strategies - Developing your beauty salon/SPA into a Brand is a long term investment that will also pay you long term and Big Time. By turning your beauty salon/SPA into a powerful Brand you allow customers to choose your business as their favourite Brand based on a huge spectrum of additional values while avoiding direct price competition.  

  8. Understanding the way that customers think and choose their Brands is the theoretical background that we teach in the Millionaire Seminar- from a beauty salon/SPA to a powerful Brand. A full and in depth understanding of modern Branding is the perfect base for successfully implementing professional Branding and maximising the use of Branding and marketing tools.

  9. Triple Branding is the most efficient Branding – within 2 days you will learn how you, your beauty salon/SPA and the products and services that you offer can turn into overwhelmingly powerful Brands. 

  10. Understanding your role as well as your business role is the BASE for    re-defining your beauty salon/SPA as a powerful Brand so that your beauty salon/SPA will meet and match your customer expectations.

  11. Time management- This seminar will teach you how to prioritize as well as delegate the various activities that lead to building a powerful Brand. This time management module is absolutely essential for designing an effective action plan that will allow you to decide and choose what you would like to Brand first.  

  12. Customer segmentation – You will learn the advanced principles of customer segmentation and how to define a new target customer according to specific criteria. This knowledge will bring you many new customers, exactly of the kind of customers that you would love to have.    

Meanings and Conclusions-
Realizing and understanding the above facts starts to explain the huge importance of re-setting your business direction towards becoming a meaningful, innovative, attractive and powerful Brand.   
Looking at the market and realizing that there aren’t any so called Brands among beauty salons/SPA, makes it clear that a professional Branding knowledge is the missing component that can turn things around for you.
Professional Branding is the ultimate choice if you want to stay competitive in the saturated, tough and competitive market of today. 
Real Branding is huge fun; exiting and exhilarating for anyone that loves to stand out in the crowd, grow and become a market leader.  
The lack of international players in the beauty salon/SPA market (as for example Coca Cola) leaves unlimited “market ground” to every beauty salon/SPA that studies professional Branding, to quickly build up into the Brand that everyone will love, want and talk about. 
Benefits and immediate results

  1. The power of this seminar lies in the fact that it is “Tailor made” for beauty salon/SPA, presented by international speakers sharing their international experience with you.

  2. The millionaire seminar From a beauty salon/SPA into a powerful Brand will provide you with the up to date, theoretical knowledge as well as the entire practical instruments to immediately start Branding your self, your Beauty salon/SPA and your products and services.  

  3. You will learn how to avoid classical marketing/Branding mistakes and loss of money while turning your beauty salon/SPA into the attraction of your town!!!

  4. You will be able to become a monopoly that your competition will find hard or impossible to imitate.

  5. Your business will enjoy the new customer traffic that would never have occurred if you had not grown into a real Brand. 

By attending “The millionaire seminar From a beauty salon/SPA into a powerful Brand”, you will be able to call yourself a  professional “brander”
All of that and much more will be presented in The millionaire seminar- from a beauty salon/SPA to a powerful Brand, “tailor made 2 day seminar” while exposing you to the up to date most effective, dynamic Branding techniques

  1. If you are a beauty salon/SPA owner that wants to develop your business to the level of a national distribution: Visit our “Business opportunities” page. This can definitely be your first step for multiplying your wealth GENE.

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Presented By: Avi Konigsberg The Founder Of The Millionaire Seminars And The Export Director Of DR BAUMANN COSMETICS
Dates And Location:
Johannesburg: 09.09.2012
Durban: 19.05.2013
Potchefstroom: 20.04.2013
A Full Day Seminar : Starting 9AM - 6PM












2007 PETAs progress award